10 Chapulín Colorado Halloween Costumes to Bring Out All the Nostalgia

Ask any Latinx child of the '70s, '80s or '90s who their favorite superhero is and chances are their answer will be El Chapulín Colorado. If you grew up watching Chespirito playing the hilarious world-saving superhero on TV, seeing these perfect Halloween costumes will give you major nostalgia. The options ahead came straight from Instagram users who user their DIY powers on Halloweens past. Use them as inspiration and get ready to be "más ágil que una tortuga, más fuerte que un ratón, más noble que una lechuga, su escudo es un corazón."



Ladies and gentlemen alike can dress up as Chapulín. For the most basic CH costume, go for a shiny, red long-sleeved hoodie with a DIY heart label on the front, along with red tights and yellow basketball shorts. The braids are optional, but a nice bonus.


Hip Chapulín

For a more unique take on the red top, try a DIY off-the-shoulder cutoff top, paired with yellow short-shorts and slightly sheer red tights. Use your initials instead of CP in the heart.



For this costume, pajama-style yellow shorts and yellow Converse shoes with red laces are what truly complete the look and makes this the most comfortable Halloween costume you'll ever have.


Creepy Chapulín

To add a touch of spookiness to your costume, include a luchador mask along with shiny red and yellow activewear.


Chipote Chillón

The yellow and red gavel comes to the rescue, all in the name of fighting evil forces. DIY pipe cleaner antennae are a brilliant addition to your hoodie or Chapulín shirt as well.


BFF Costumes

No one will balk (or bark) if you bring your dog in on the fun. All you need for your costume is a simple red tank top with that signature heart logo and a matching shirt for your pup.


Marathon Runner Chapulín

If you're feeling extra ambitious and want to feel like a true superhero this Halloween, grab the outfit's standard long-sleeved tee, tights, and shorts, lace up your running shoes, and add a marathon (or shorter race) to your Halloween itinerary.


Chapulín Pup

Even if you're not dressing up as Chapulín yourself, it doesn't mean your dog can't go as the funny superhero. Just find a small enough red and yellow shirt, get crafty with a felt heart cutout, and you're all set.


DIY Antennae

Tall, white, and pointy DIY antennae are pretty easy to create with pipe cleaners.