My YouTube Videos Gave Me a Sense of Purpose and Led Me to Launch My Own Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand

Ydelays Rodriguez
Ydelays Rodriguez

I was born and raised in Guatire, Venezuela. When I was 12, I began helping my father in his business and learning about camera equipment and computer programming. He has a photo studio and graphic design store, and that's where my love for all things audiovisual was born. My grandma, on the other hand, had a beauty salon named Ydelays, where my mother was essentially raised, learning all about beauty and hair. She passed down the best beauty tips — and even my name — which very much helped with my career.

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I saw that my community of followers wanted to connect with me because I was a girl in search of her dreams, and by sharing my daily hustles, I was inspiring others to reach for their own dreams — while also sharing beauty tips!

I used to work two jobs — a 9-to-5 retail job, followed by a 5-to-10 job passing out flyers. I would get home close to midnight and work on my YouTube channel after hours. For me, "no puedo" and "no tengo tiempo" were never an option. My community of followers inspired me and kept me company when I wasn't feeling my best.

There was a time when I was jobless, and it was an experience that marked my life forever. I was living in a foreign country by myself, and I would apply to jobs every day. Three months went by, and I had stopped paying my rent because I couldn't afford to do so. But then I received a paid PR opportunity. I was invited to attend a red carpet in Miami, and they offered me the exact amount I needed to pay my owed rent! This was the sign I needed to keep going and improve the content I was already doing.

Over the years, the numbers grew and I received a lot of opportunities to work with big, notable brands. This was a huge milestone for me and I couldn't believe I was finally living my dream.

After working with some of my favorite brands and trying hundreds of products, I decided to launch my own false lashes brand, Golden Dream Beauty. These challenges and experiences have motivated me to achieve milestones that may seem impossible, but because I believed hard in my dreams, the opportunities were limitless.

My mission became to create a brand where my community and other communities from around the world would feel inspired to dream, motivate, and support others while being conscious and also cruelty-free.

Today, as a Latina businesswoman and owner, I want to set an example and motivate others. Show the world that it doesn't matter where you come from, the language you speak, or how challenging the road to success can be. The most important thing is to believe in yourself. Latinxs represent love and hard work. And you will see these values within my company, in my family, and in my household. I've learned that everything happens at the right time. And I hope that my story inspires others to take action and work toward their dreams.