Meet Ariana Godoy, the Latina Writer Behind Netflix's "Through My Window"

Ariana Godoy
Ariana Godoy

There's been a lot of anticipation surrounding "A Través de Mi Ventana" ("Through My Window"), a book written by famous Wattpad author and influencer Ariana Godoy, which was adapted into a Netflix film that launches on Feb. 4. The book's English translation released on Jan. 4, and the movie, which is based in Spain, follows an intense crush — bordering on obsession — main character Raquel (Clara Galle) has on her neighbor Ares (Julio Peña). But what's even more interesting than the dramatic love story itself is the genius writer behind it all.

Godoy is a 32-year-old Venezuelan writer based in Raleigh, NC, who got her big writing breakthrough on online social reading and sharing platform Wattpad. She's a proud Latina immigrant with a passion for storytelling and career success that's beyond inspiring. She's cultivated her very own fanbase through Wattpad, which has resulted in a major following on all her social platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. And, interestingly enough, "Through My Window" was very much inspired by an experience of her own.

"In college, I had a neighbor that I was kind of 'sharing' my Wi-Fi with and I had a huge crush on him. It didn't end well, but that inspired me for the beginning of the story. You know, two different worlds colliding because one person is stealing the main character's Wi-Fi connection is a very relatable way to start a love story," Godoy tells POPSUGAR via email. Godoy was inspired to tell a story of love that touched on both pain and healing. "We have two main characters that start very flawed at the beginning of the book and they crash into each other because they have chemistry and attraction they can't even comprehend," she adds. "Although they tried to stay away from each other, it turns out to be impossible and we get to see how they learn from each other, how they ended up building a relationship step by step."

Here are a few more fun facts the author recently shared with us about the book and her life outside of writing.

She's a kindergarten teacher by day.

Not only does she teach, but outside of writing interesting fiction, Godoy really does enjoy some of the simpler things in life. "I love reading, watching TV with my husband and with my doggie," she tells POPSUGAR. "I'm really into anime, Korean dramas, and coffee. I can't function well without my cup of coffee every day."

She's always been a writer, but for a while, no one knew it.

"I always kept a journal as a kid. My life was boring though, so I decided to add monsters and different fictional scenarios to make it more entertaining whenever I went back to read it. I wrote for myself, and I enjoyed it so much," she says. "It was my secret. Nobody really knew that I wrote. In fact, my family didn't find out about my writing until I published my first book [on] my Wattpad, 'Love with Planeta.'"

She felt all the feels when Netflix reached out.

When Netflix reached out to Godoy about turning her book into a film, she could hardly contain herself. "I couldn't believe it, of course. It took me a few hours to finally let it settle in my brain," she says. "I love how the producers Nuria and Adrián from Nostromo never stopped believing in the project as time passed. When they shared the news that they found a home for 'Through my Window' and Netflix, I was in shock for hours. I cried, I laughed, I had a glass of wine and cried again. I am very happy with the process and I am lucky to be really involved in the project."

Her favorite dish?

"It's a Venezuelan dish, of course: pabellón," she says.

She retreats to the outdoors.

"I love the peace that nature provides," Godoy tells POPSUGAR. "Often, I spend days without going out, except for work and it takes a toll on me. I think writing can be a very isolating profession and you got to shake yourself up a little occasionally, to get some fresh air, to see your friends, etc. Because we get so deep into our writing worlds that the world outside can fade a little. It's all about keeping a healthy balance."

Her favorite Netflix shows and movies are . . .

"Right now, I'm loving the Netflix limited series 'Maid,'" she says. "It's so raw and emotional. I've already shed some tears, but it's so worth watching. As for fantasy, I'm in love with 'The Witcher.'"

Here's what she wants folks to take away from "Through My Window" the movie.

"I honestly want people to enjoy themselves, to forget about the world for two hours and sit down, get cozy and go through the emotions with Ares and Raquel. That has been my goal since day one. When I started writing this story, I wanted people to disconnect, to join me for a ride, to feel, to get angry, celebrate, and even suffer with them and I think that's the main reason the book has resonated with so many people," Godoy says. "If it makes you feel something, then I've done my job well."