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12 Latinx-Owned Online Botánicas to Shop

12 Latinx-Owned Online Botánicas to Shop

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In a time when esoteric products are gaining popularity and it seems like everyone and their mama are apparently brujas, finding genuine products can be confusing. Online, you'll find watered-down Agua Florida, mushy cascarilla, and many products that are just simply subpar. But for those in the know, the sure thing has always been botánicas, which are generally brick-and-mortar shops that sell religious and natural wellness products.

For Brujas, Mambos, Santeras, and Paleras alike, the botánica is essentially a spiritual Costco where we can find most, if not all, specific items for rituals and ceremonies that you can't normally find elsewhere. Where else will you find dried herbs, Santisima Muerte statues, swords, railroad nails, fixed candles, black copal, and blessing oils all in the same place? It's also a place where a novice can find "spiritual prescriptions'' for whatever they are going through or at least be pointed in the right direction. The botánica can also be a fountain of knowledge — depending on who runs it. A great botánica has knowledgeable practitioners who can recommend products, show you how to use them, or even perform cleansings and readings right there in the shop.

With COVID, many small brick-and-mortar shops went under, but there has definitely been a surge in online botánicas popping up. Many of which are owned and run by brujas who feature their own handmade products. Here are 12 Brujix-identifying folks whose online shops give big IRL botánicas vibes.

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