Here’s a New Moon Baño Ritual to Manifest Your Wishes

The new moon in Leo on August 8 packs a powerful punch for manifestation because it's paired with the Lion's Gate Portal. This portal opens a pathway for high-frequency and high-vibrational energies to descend upon us here on Earth. New moons are always a great time to manifest what we want to see come to fruition in our lives, but add the Lion's Gate Portal and you've got some real astrological magic going on!

So get ready, because as of 9:50 a.m. EST on 8/8, the new moon in Leo will officially arrive. And because Leo rules personal heart connections, setting intentions about romance, intense love encounters (twin flames, anyone?), and dating is a great way to start riding this wave of energy.

Aside from love, Leo also rules creativity, so draw in that high frequency and high vibration to expand upon your artistic expression and passion. Just as Leo rules love and intensity from another, it also pulls at your heartstrings, urging you to give love. If you've found that to be challenging in your life, you may want to manifest being more generous with your heart through kindness, loyalty, encouragement, and bringing joy into the lives of others. While this new moon in Leo brings intensity, there's also a playful side that awakens the pleasure and celebration of this fire sign. Want to manifest your dream vacation? This is the time to do it. Also, up the ante on your self-confidence during this new moon by wishing to bring your queendom into every area of your life.

Despite all this astrological goodness happening on 8/8, there is a challenging aspect when the new moon squares off with Uranus, bringing sudden and unexpected change. This change could certainly be good and something that's needed, but keep your feet rooted to the ground and be aware of how you react, as this aspect can amplify your ego and pride.

Now that you know what to wish for during this new moon, here's how you prepare to call in that lunar energy while absorbing the roar of the Lion's Gate Portal.

Create a ritual that focuses on you and what you want to manifest in your life. Light a candle, burn some incense, or diffuse an essential oil that rocks your world and awakens your senses. Once you've set the mood, sit down and write 10 wishes you want to see manifest over the next six months before the full moon in Leo. After you've completed your list, read each one out loud, speaking those wishes into the universe. Then say thank you to show your appreciation for the divine work that you're calling upon.

You can place that piece of paper under a crystal and set it on a windowsill or your altar, or you can keep a journal that's all about your new moon wishes so you can refer to them later and see how many have manifested over time.

Now, sink into you by creating a spiritual baño to coincide with this new moon and Lion's Gate Portal energy. A spiritual baño is not your typical bath, it's one infused with spiritual power — you create the magic.

Salts are always a good way to go because they extract what you don't need and create space to allow the things you want to attract to flow in. Fill your tub with warm water and add one and a half to two cups of pink Himalayan salt with several drops of Hawaiian sandalwood to your bath. It's a great way to reign in support of your creativity and sexual prowess. If you want to crank up that self-confidence and uplift your mood, consider adding wild orange, frankincense, or bergamot essential oils instead. In the end, it's really about what you prefer most, so use your intuition to guide you. Add some extra self-loving by sprinkling some dried roses over the top of your bath.

As you prepare the baño, take this time to set your intentions, as water is known to keep an imprint of energy. You want to make sure what you're giving is good! Soak and enjoy this luscious self-loving time for 20 to 40 minutes. Play some soothing music to help ease your mind, let go, and just be. Most of all, believe that what you want also wants you, and let the universe do the rest.