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Mal de Ojo (Evil Eye) Home Decor to Shop

Mal de Ojo Home Decor For Good Vibras Only

Mal de Ojo (Evil Eye) Home Decor to Shop

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Mal de ojo (or evil eye) jewelry is worn by many to ward off negative energy from haters or people that truly admire them. There's a sense of security you feel when wearing mal de ojo necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. But what about protecting your home? Given how easily evil eye can be transferred from one person to the next, it could also be brought into your home, regardless of whether the person giving the evil eye has been inside your living space. Just as important as it is to protect your energy, it's equally essential to ensure your home is protected as well.

What Is Mal de Ojo (Evil Eye)?

Mal de ojo is known as an illness that is contracted when someone unintentionally or intentionally looks at someone else with envy, admiration, jealously, or malice. It could be as simple as someone seeing you level up in your life and comparing themselves to your success. Without even knowing it, they could send you mal de ojo. Therefore, it's so important for us to protect our energy every day, especially since mal de ojo can be placed upon someone unintentionally.

Where Should I Put an Evil Eye in My Home?

The placement of mal de ojo home decor is your preference, but it's always a good idea to consider areas where there's high traffic, like entrance ways and the living room, and your personal spaces, like the bedroom, home office, bathroom, and kitchen.

What Does the Color of the Evil Eye Mean?

Evil eye accessories, whether jewelry or home decor, come in an array of colors. But the most frequently used are the light-blue or dark-blue evil eye. The lighter hue is typically for general protection as well as solitude and peace, which makes it ideal for home decor. The dark-blue evil eye opens the flow of communication and can raise the vibe of calmness and relaxation, also making it perfect for protecting your home.

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