This New Moon in Leo Spiritual Baño Will Help Attract Love

The spotlight is on you! Leo loves attention, being flirtatious, and standing center stage in the story of their life. We all have Leo traits present, whether it's our sun sign or not. So when the new moon is in this fire sign, we can make wishes focused on the areas of life this zodiac sign rules, like personal heart connections, including love and romance. That's the great thing about the moon. Every month we are granted lunar energy that we can work with to impact, shift, and change our lives. The new moon is like a longtime friend that comes around each month to remind you of your power in deciding the life you want to live and then saying it out loud. As those words leave your mouth, they are shifting energy in and around you, and if it shall be, it will be. The new moon is our opportunity to stop thinking small and dream big! It's our time to see just how great life can get while making sure to always remain grateful. Gratitude is key. After all, we can't usher new things into our lives if we aren't grateful for what we have in the present moment. Even if your situation is far from perfect, there is always something to be grateful for. Ignite the gratitude within and allow that fire to light the way to your biggest, brightest wishes under the Leo new moon.

When Is the 2022 New Moon in Leo?

The New Moon in Leo peaks at 1:55 p.m. ET on July 28. So if you're really about your wishes, you can set an alarm for that time; then write your wishes down, say them out loud, and repeat "Thank you" three times after each wish you speak. Can't do it at the exact time? Don't worry about it. That new moon energy is flowing for at least 48 hours before and after its peak.

But remember, you cannot see new moons because they are dark. They may not illuminate the sky like full moons do, but don't sleep on the power that lies beyond the things we cannot see with the naked eye.

What Is the Meaning of the 2022 New Moon in Leo?

Leo is ruled by the sun. That big fireball in the sky nourishes our planet and us. Some argue that the sun is the most important aspect of our solar system, hence why it's called a "solar" system. People gravitate to the sun because of its radiant beauty and powerful impact on everything it touches. So it's no wonder that Leos exude confidence, have infectious energy, and are generous. But just like too much sun can burn you, an imbalance in these positive Leo traits could lead to big egos, being overly materialistic, and ungrateful. So keep that in mind when partaking in your new moon ritual while continuing to sit upon your throne like the lioness you know you are. You're the queen of the jungle and of your life, and under the Leo new moon, you can wish for love and romance, creativity, generosity, celebration, dignity, determination, and tempering arrogance. So find that balance, and shine bright like the sun.

If you want to attract intense love encounters, then this new moon is the one to work with because Leo rules personal heart connections. This fire sign also rules creativity, which is associated with the sacral chakra, our energy center of creation located two inches below the navel near our sexual organs. So you can birth your dreams under this new moon, and if a child is what you desire, Leos embrace the joys and challenges of parenthood. Remember: dream big! What is it that you want to bring into life?

In the area of love, you can wish to receive it but also set the intention to express it more, too. Leos rule giving love, including loyalty, generosity, bringing joy to others, encouragement, and kindness. Take a good look at the areas in your life you want to level up, and set your intention around that. You may also desire more pleasure and celebration in your life, and Leo rules these areas as well. If you're all work and no play, that's an imbalance. Just as the opposite would be. Consider this when setting your intentions and wishes under the Leo new moon. You can wish for more fun, play, games, parties, and vacations in your life. Or if you want to get into recreational sports or return to the games you used to play when you were younger, make a wish! You could also focus on taking more risks for excitement in your life. This doesn't mean risky behavior that could bring harm to you or someone else. It simply means taking risks that would bring more joy and vitality into your life.

Dignity, determination, and arrogance are all ruled by Leo as well. If you desire more recognition or self-confidence, working with the new moon in Leo is a good idea. Need more stamina, concentrated focus, or leadership skills? Set those intentions under the Leo new moon. But more isn't always the best way to go. Sometimes, we need less of certain traits to find balance. If you tend to be self-centered, overly dramatic, bossy, or too prideful, you could wish to release those self-defeating characteristics, too.

Finally, each zodiac sign is associated with specific body parts, and in the matters of restoring health, Leo rules the back and spine, heat exhaustion or exhaustion in general, the heart, and inflammations. So if you need some extra love in these areas or with these ailments, ask for total healing to occur there.

What Is a Spiritual-Cleansing Prayer to Say During July's New Moon in Leo?

In your quiet moments or amid chaos, prayer is available to you. Whether you say the words out loud (there's a real power to that) or if you say them silently in your mind, that higher power that helps to guide you through life is listening. You don't have to get down on your knees to pray. It can be done wherever, whenever, and however you'd like. After all, there are no rules when you converse with God. Below is a spiritual-cleansing prayer for July's new moon in Leo.

Great Spirit, I pray for real love to enter my life so that I may share this journey with another. I have so much love to give, and I am healed and ready to receive it in a healthier way than ever before. I can fully love another now because I truly love myself. Bring my person to me. Han Han Katú. (So be it.)

What Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Leo?

Strength: a lion is often featured on the Strength card, which is the symbol of Leo. It represents physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual prowess.

What Chakra Goes With the New Moon in Leo?

Solar plexus: it's no surprise that the chakra that's associated with Leo is the solar plexus, with its sun reference and the associated color yellow. This chakra is also the center of our willpower and confidence.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For the New Moon in Leo Baño


Sage and palo santo

Florida water or agua de Florida

Ginger, cinnamon, cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, geranium oils

Sunflowers or any yellow flower

Tarragon, chamomile, eyebright, sunflower, and lemon balm herbs

Rose quartz, Peridot, carnelian, Tiger's Eye, or garnet crystals


1. Begin by lighting a candle and setting the ambiance of your space. You may need to physically clean the space and then spiritually cleanse by burning sage followed by palo santo.

2. Fill your bath with warm water as you add several splashes of Florida water and the essential oil(s) of your choice. Pray over the water and feel the energy of your prayers, wishes, and intentions flowing from your hands into the bath.

3. Place the crystals you want to work with around your bath or create a small altar near the bathtub so you can see it while you soak. Keep it simple. You can create an altar with a candle, your crystals, and a small cup of water. This will honor the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. As well as the fifth: you.

4. Add handfuls of the herbs, thanking our earthly friends as you submerge them into the water.

5. Cover the top of the water with the flower petals, or if you prefer using your flowers in a different way, you can simply place them in a vase somewhere they're easily visible during the ritual and the days to follow.

6. Soak for 20 to 40 minutes. Indulge and breathe in the luxury of this spiritual baño you prepared for yourself. Love yourself like you want someone else to love you. Only then will you attract the love of your life.

7. When you're done soaking, air dry or pat dry with a light-colored towel. Dress in comfy clothing and sit down with a nice cup of tea. You can make the tea with any of the herbs listed in the ingredients list.

8. In a journal or single piece of paper, write down 10 wishes or intentions you'd like to set under the Leo new moon. Then read them out loud and say, "Thank you," three times after each one.

9. Place your wish list under a crystal and place it on your windowsill or altar. Detach and allow the universe to do its work.

Detachment doesn't mean you don't do anything. If you want your wishes to come true, you must act upon them. What can you do today to bring you one step closer to making that dream come true? By detaching from the outcome, we are showing our life's cocreator that we are grateful and trust.