93 Adorable Moments Between Zoe Saldana and Her 3 Kids

Instagram/ Zoe Saldana
Instagram/ Zoe Saldana

When it comes to motherhood, Zoe Saldana keeps it real, letting everyone know it's not always a walk in the park but a wonderful adventure. The actress has opened up about having difficulty sleep training her older kids, the struggles of being a mom in Hollywood, and the work that's required to lose weight postpregnancy, but she also openly shares her happiest moments as a mom on Instagram.

While Zoe and her husband, Marco Perego, are public figures, they try to give their twins, Cy and Bowie, and their youngest son, Zen, a very grounded and normal childhood away from all the Hollywood buzz. They've been very private with their children's faces, although once in a while they'll sneak a photo or two where you can see just how much they look like their parents and we can say they're three of the cutest munchkins on Instagram. Keep scrolling to see all the creative and sweet ways Zoe and Marco have shared their babies' photos with us.

Zoe loves her family so much she takes every opportunity she can to express it. She captioned this sweet photo with a Dr. Seuss' quote: "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

How do we become part of this crew?

Zoe celebrated Hanukkah 2018 with her sister Cisely and her husband Jared, and the kids seemed to be very excited about all the presents.

Bowie, Cy, and Zen seem to get along fantastic, and mom Zoe can't contain her pride. "It's moments like these that I'm most encouraged to keep loving, keep guiding, keep learning, keep repeating, keep protecting, keep listening, to what is absolutely sacred to every parent," she captioned the photo.

Can we stop time for a moment? Zen is getting so big right in front of our eyes!

On National Twin Day, Zoe expressed how lucky Zen is to have great brothers like Bowie and Cy.

Vamos a la playa! Zoe shares some quality beach time with one of the twins in this adorable photo.

On Father's Day 2018, Zoe reminded us her commitment to stand by her man and how much she loves the father of her children with intimate portraits that show just how beautiful this family is.

Nothing like seeing how happy your children are.

After a few months promoting Avengers: Infinity War, Zoe was happy to be back home with her boys.

Bowie, Cy, and Zen enjoy a nice beach day complete with a blue sky and cotton-candy clouds.

The family minus dad escaped the cold winter to have a tropical Christmas.

Being a mom isn't easy, and Zoe needed a little pick-me-up reminder so she made herself her own #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday).

For baby Zen's birthday, Zoe posted a sweet moment between him and one of his older brothers, along with a lovely message highlighting his beautiful qualities.

Are those... the twin's faces? We couldn't believe it either, but yes, Bowie and Cy are even cuter than we thought.

How cute are the twins? Zoe celebrated Bowie and Cy's third birthday with a heartfelt message saying this day was both the happiest and scariest of her and husband Marco's life. But she couldn't be happier with them, and she knows that the twins are destined for greatness.

En Español por favor! The twins are learning their nursery rhymes in Spanish.

Zoe captioned this sweet photo of the twins reading with one of our favorite Dr. Seuss quotes: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. One of the twins is exploring his artistic side in this photo.

On Father's Day 2017, Zoe shared a heartwarming photo of Marco in a Spider Man mask sweetly embracing one of the twins.

On Memorial Day 2017, the twins wore stripes while playing with baby Zen.

Zoe captioned this adorable photo of the twins and Zen: "El reencuentro."

While promoting her movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Zoe took a few moments to spend quality time with her twins.

Zoe's little kids are already big soccer fans!

This is what a Sunday looks like at Zoe's house.

With this adorable overhead photo, Zoe introduced her third son, Zen, born in early 2017.

Marco and Zoe took Cy and Bowie to Ireland with them in November 2016.

How cute are Cy and Bowie's matching Fall outfits?

Zoe captioned this photo of the twins up in the middle of the night: "Jet lagging in Ireland.... The Struggle is real!!!!!"

Check out those matching man buns!

Zoe and Marco brought the twins to the artist's naturalization ceremony back in July 2016.

Zoe posted this photo to celebrate one million followers on Instagram.

"At least they're recycling . . . " Zoe said of this hilarious photo of Cy and Bowie in Whole Foods bags.

"Blood of my Blood . . . Sangre de mi Sangre . . . Sangue Del Mio Sangue," Zoe captioned this photo of the twins kissing.

After the 2016 Met Gala, Zoe headed home to her twins.

In April 2016, the family relaxed at the beach.

Cy and Bowie spent some time with Zoe in her Guardians of the Galaxy costume.

The twins enjoy a good Disney movie.

Zoe wished her followers a happy Easter with this cute photo of the twins.

Zoe keeps her sons close by on set for her new movie.

Cy and Bowie get to play in the most magical set.

A cozy green hug from Zoe in costume to one of the kids.

Cy and Bowie wear fashionable striped onesies.

In March 2016, Zoe worked out while one of the twins played with balloons.

The boys had fun riding cars pushed by their dad, Marco.

One of the twins got down to "Hey, Mickey."

On Super Bowl Day 2016, the twins weren't watching the game.

Cy and Bowie were musical tiny tots trying to reach the piano keys to play the blues, according to Zoe's caption.

Zoe captioned this photo: "Boys, mama needs the shower please!"

How cute is this picture of the twins holding hands?

Cy and Bowie have great musical taste in this video featuring The Beatles.

One of the twins listen to the harp while on vacation.

The force was strong in the Perego-Saldana family.

Of course, Zoe's twins dine in style.

We'll just let Zoe's beautiful caption do all the talking: "When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments — tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become. — Louis Pasteur"

The twins celebrated Day of the Dead with their parents.

Zoe posted this pictured and wondered what the twins were secretly plotting.

Zoe's twins got into the Halloween spirit with a pair of masks that their mom said they hate.

Cy and Bowie discovered the impact of a great bag.

"Early bird and his accomplice," Zoe said in October 2015. It sounds like the twins might still be having trouble sleeping.

Zoe simply said "I am happy" on the caption for this adorable picture.

Zoe kept her honest-mom role going, captioning this picture: "Hard to leave even for a little bit, but Mamá has to go to work :-)"

Zoe got creative to entertain the twins, saying: "Packing to fly back home from Vancouver- because my Star Trek shoot has ending- and it is amazing what an empty cardboard box, a broom stick and a whole lot of imagination can do to children. The boys are teething badly lately, so that means that the tantrum level is at it's highest. Marco was so brilliant in making this "Pirate" Boat. The boys loved it. As soon as we put them in the box they went bananas! We took turns in dragging that thing everywhere . . . both boys in it :-0 We like to believe they appreciated the effort, and we appreciated their joy."

Zoe shared a video of the twins "talking," captioning the clip: "This morning's conversation: Bowie: hey, you really gonna make a run for it? What if they catch you? Cy: nah, I don't see them anywhere. Bowie: ok go, I'll be over here on the lookout"

In September 2015, Marco posted this picture of "The Mad Hatter."

Marco and Cy listened to some beats together.

In August 2015, Zoe posted this video of husband Marco watching The Goonies with their twins.

Marco shared a snap of the twins' personalized playing mats.

In June 2015, Zoe captioned this video of the twins spooning, saying: "The perks of having twins is they have each other from the very beginning."

Zoe and Marco showed the struggles of pushing a double stroller up a steep hill.

Zoe said that "Marco's dancing always puts these two in a good mood."

On a walk with Cy and Bowie, Zoe said those moments "with the boys before going to work are pure sanity to [their] lives."

One twin for each parent as Zoe and Marco went for a hike.

The couple shared a sweet kiss while holding their twins.

Zoe shared this snap on National Parents Day, saying being a mom is her favorite role.

On National Twins Day, Zoe said: "I feel blessed to share these precious moments with you in hopes that it can inspire you and make you smile."

Zoe congratulated Marco on Father's Day with this adorable family picture.

Cy and Bowie cheered for soccer club Real Madrid in decked-out outfits.

Zoe knows the importance of tummy time.

The twins attentively watched Zoe on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

There's nothing cuter than these "I Heart Mom" and "I Heart Dad" onesies.

The twins celebrated Zoe's birthday with her in adorable cozy outfits.

The twins' tushies were on full display as Zoe said she watched Annie with her "bambinos."