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Best Breakup Albums

The 30 Best Breakup Albums of All Time

Fleetwood Mac — Rumors

Sometimes, a simple song helps fuel your rage and channel your heartbreak. Other times, you need a little more. Like, an entire album more. Years ago, after the collapse of a four-year relationship with my college boyfriend, I listened to Adele's 21 and Fleetwood Mac's Rumors on repeat for two months straight. Nothing made me feel more understood, more vindicated, and more justified in my sadness and anger than hearing the words of people who'd gone through something similar. I laughed, I cried, I healed.

Sometimes an artist's greatest work comes from their darkest times, but through the lyrics and music, we can all feel a little less alone. Here are the best breakup albums ever, in no particular order. Get in the car, turn these up, and let it all out.

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