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Clean Boo vs. Dirty Boo | Quiz

Are You the Clean Boo or the Dirty Boo?

Aziz Ansari's Netflix original series, Master of None, cleverly addresses the circuitous nuances of everyday racism and sexism, stereotyping, and monogamy in 10 too-short episodes. The show's first season introduced viewers to a unique set of slang and terminology that's quickly slipped into common conversation and started a discussion among a generation hinging on the fear of being a "jack of all trades, master of none."

On a lighter note, Aziz and the show's cocreator, Alan Yang, helped drive the diagnosis of "the dirty boo," or the person in the relationship who is the messier partner, and "the clean boo," naturally the cleaner partner. The distinction has implications for billions of couples worldwide. If you're the clean boo, you've probably been picking up the clutter for a while, but you could be the dirty boo and not even know it. There's only one way to find out.

Image Source: Netflix

When you arrive home from work, the first thing you do is . .

Kick off your shoes in the entryway or leave them on as you sink into the couch.
Carefully take off and put away your shoes on your shoe rack.

True or false: You’ve KonMari-ed your life.

True. And life is better for it.
False. (What's KonMari-ing your life?)

When it comes to doing the dishes, your role is . . .


You’ve hosted an elaborate dinner party and had too much to drink, so you . . .

Clean all dishes and evidence of the fest in the next 12 hours.
Put the dishes in the sink but stall until you can't stall anymore.

Your housecleaner is coming tomorrow. What’s your move?

Tidy up just a little so it’s not a total disaster and write a couple Post-It notes to direct their efforts.
Decide tonight is a good night to shave your head and bake cookies!

After showering, you . . .

Towel off
Spray down the shower

When mail and bills arrive, you . . .

Pile them up in one of a few piles to deal with when you have more time.
Open them promptly, then sort, recycle, pay, and file.

When it comes to organization, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” makes you feel . . .

Fine. It works.

Your cleaning motto is . . .

Life is short. Deal with it when you can.
Life is too short to be a slob. Deal with it daily.

How long do you leave your suitcases half packed after vacation?

Less than a day
Until you need the things in the suitcase

Expiration dates on food . . .

Should be monitored at all times
Are just a suggestion

An unmade bed makes you . . .

Want to jump in it
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