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Couples Costume Quiz

What Type of Couples Costume Should You Rock This Halloween?

The couples costume you end up picking this Halloween says a lot about your relationship, whether you and your other half plan on embracing your inner geeks or going full-on sexy. Find out what ensemble suits you and your significant other best, so that you both make the perfect outfit choice for your All Hallows' Eve outings. Take our quiz to see what type of couples costume you should consider.

To you, Halloween is synonymous with:

Partying with friends
Amazing costumes
Getting the sh*t scared out of you!
The last day in October
Spooky romance

Pick a horror movie:

What's your idea of a dream Fall date with your signifcant other?

Making a bonfire and cozying up together
Touring a haunted house
Going to a pumpkin patch
A late-night, very secluded corn maze
Picnicing in a graveyard
Going to a Halloween-themed amusement park

What's your favorite Halloween candy?

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Read a good book or watch interesting films
Relax and enjoy life
Art shows, concerts, festivals
Outdoor activities
Anything new and exciting
Work, play, eat, drink

Pick a costume:

Which negative quality in your significant other could you overlook?

Morbid humor
If they are overly indepedent

Pick your Halloween poison:

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