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DILFs of Disneyland Instagram

DILFs of Disneyland Is Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Have a thing for hot dads? Love all things Disney? Then DILFS of Disneyland is the Instagram for you! The account is a compilation of candid photos and photo submissions showing dads — often in mouse ears — carrying tots in their arms, pushing them in strollers, posing with giant plush characters, and more. It's like a fantasy photo stream for straight, child-bearing-age females.

I'll be honest: the Disney element doesn't appeal to me. But I do love DILFs, much the way I've got a thing for teachers. I like a man with a little bit of scruff, who is a little world-weary, who isn't afraid to wear a Baby Bjorn. I imagine they are all exactly like Coach Taylor of Friday Night Lights fame. Plus, as a 35-year-old myself, the fathers of Disneyland-age children are precisely my demographic. Looking at them makes my ovaries hurt, and seeing them with their kids soothes one of my biggest fears about becoming a mother: that I will be the parent who ends up having to do sh*t like take the kids to Disneyland.

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