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Disney Cards Against Humanity

Is There Going to Be a Disney Version of Cards Against Humanity?

Image Source: Everett Collection

"Me, Tarzan. You . . . " Insert dirty, awkward, uncomfortable word to fill in the blank. Cards Against Humanity taught us all how to be more open about the fact that we are horrible scumbags, and now the party game "for horrible people" may just corrupt the purest thing of all: Disney.

Rumor has it that the Cards Against Humanity Facebook page posted a teaser of a Disney version of the hilarious game, and while we can assume it was deleted since there's nothing there now, an Instagram user shared a supposed screen grab of the original post that has also now been deleted. A few of the cards from the screen grab read things like "For a time, Ariel thought . . . was for . . . " and "Bambi's dead mother," along with some dirty phrases related to Lumiere, Quasimodo, and Dory.

Since we have little faith in the internet, it's possible this is all a ruse to get us excited for what we know would be a game we'd welcome with open arms. Still, we can only imagine the wonderfully inappropriate ways to ruin our childhood with an official Disney Cards Against Humanity, so we'll hold out hope that the company is indeed on the cusp of a very exciting release.

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