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Men Offer to Walk With People on Campus

These Men Are Doing Something Amazing to Help People on Their Campus Feel Safe

Hey, Imgur, we did a thing!

This week has been rough. It feels like our feeds have been flooded with nothing but bad news, then more bad news, followed by completely terrible news. There's been an uptick in hate crimes since the election, and many are worried for their safety now more than ever.

Still, we have to believe that love will prevail, and a recent post on Imgur is a testament to that fact. Imgur user TheArchangelPoot shared an image from his campus, where he and friends posted a sign offering protection to anyone feeling unsafe on campus. Their promise? They will walk with you. "I got a few friends together, (from liberal and conservative sides), to try to promote some basic humanity at our campus," he said. It's a simple gesture, but one that feels pretty big right about now.

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