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Signs Who Make the Best Friends

Tag Your BFF — These Are the Signs That Make the Best Friends, Ranked

Signs Who Make the Best Friends
Image Source: Unsplash / simonmaage

True story: when I truly connected with one of my best friends, we squealed so loudly and at such a high pitch that our then-boyfriends, now-husbands were so dismayed, they backed out of the room in awe. We were just so excited to find someone who shared similar experiences and knew that George was the best Beatle, all while bonding over wine. Good friends, in short, are a pretty special and rare occurrence. Maybe in your lifetime, you get a handful, and if you're really lucky, they'll be there forever. Who we are as people is a pretty special mixture of our individual memories and personality memories speared on by astrology. Some signs, like some people, make better friends due to an unforeseen connection to the zodiac. Here we've ranked the signs, from best to worst, so you can know which ones make the best friends.

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