This Woman's Journey of Self-Love Included a Sexy Boudoir Shoot — and Hot Damn

Jessica Hunt Photography

Women of all shapes and sizes are absolutely beautiful — and that is exactly what Columbia, SC, photographer Jessica Hunt wanted to celebrate. "One of my favorite things to photograph are intimate portraits of women or, as some would call it: boudoir," Jessica said. "Photographing women and being able to make them feel beautiful, sexy, and wanted is such a joy for me."

In this shoot, Jessica photographed one of her close friends, Kaity. The self-love revolution is something that holds great meaning to Kaity. Like many women, Kaity had spent a long time living under the mentality that her weight defined her. "To me, self-love was forcing myself to come to terms with who I was, and committing to the fact that I was worthy, regardless of the worth that I was assigned by other parties," Kaity said.

Part of Kaity's journey involved posing for this sexy boudoir photo shoot. She was really nervous the week of the shoot and wanted to back out, but ultimately the session was a total success. "You cannot beat that feeling," Kaity said about the actual shoot. "I wanted to bottle the entire experience up and take it home with me." The photos from the shoot are amazing, so keep reading and take a look for yourself!