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Self-Love and Body-Positive Drawings by Dani Sheriff

Follow This Self-Love Artist on Instagram, Because We All Deserve to Feel Amazing in Our Bodies

If you're a fan of scrolling through Instagram for body-positive inspiration, head over to Dani Sheriff's page and follow her ASAP. She's a self-love artist I stumbled upon while looking through my recent favorite tag, #NormalizeNormalBodies. Her drawings are simple yet bold and deep, and I always feel empowered to stay on my self-love journey when I see them and read her uplifting captions.

When I asked Dani what her inspiration was for her art and why she does it, she told POPSUGAR, "I just do it to remind women that they're worthy of not worrying about how their body looks. I'm trying to free their minds so they can focus on bigger, better things." Now that's something we can all agree with! Scroll through to see some of her illustrations that will hopefully inspire you to be a little kinder to yourself.

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