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Can CBD Gummies Make Sex Better?

Sex, Sensation, and Anticipation — an Exposé on Using CBD Gummies in the Bedroom

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A bottle of wine, a box of pizza, and CBD sex gummies — aka the trifecta of foreplay. As someone with a passion for experimenting in between the sheets, there's nothing off-limits when it comes to what I'm willing to try. The saying "don't knock it till you try it" is a personal motto of mine, especially when it comes to my sex life. But while I might be adventurous in the bedroom, I'm not as much of a daredevil when it comes to cannabis. That is, until I heard about the House of Wise Sex Kit ($68). The woman-founded CBD brand launched a brand-new Sex Serum and packaged it up with its bestselling CBD Sex Gummies. A dynamic duo like no other, I was instantly intrigued (and maybe even aroused). Before I knew it, both products were on my bedside table and ready for their debut. As someone who has rarely ever experimented with CBD during sex, I knew it was time to lose my cannabis virginity.

Cue the bottle of wine, box of pizza, and sex gummies. As a strong believer in the idea that no relationship should be boring, I like to keep my partners on their toes romantically as well as sexually. My current beau can never be quite sure what to expect when it comes to our relationship, and I find that both empowering and thrilling. Keeping sex exciting is a way I ensure there's no dullness in our connection, and adding CBD gummies to the mix on a random weekday night was one way to do it. After a glass of wine and a slice of pizza, I treated myself to an after-dinner dessert, which consisted of yet another glass of wine and a gummy. Yum. The gummy was bigger than I expected and gave off a fairly strong smell of THC. The weed-like taste reminded me of the first time I had sex while high, and I was already excited to make newer, hotter memories.

The weed-like taste reminded me of the first time I had sex while high, and I was already excited to make newer, hotter memories.

The House of Wise Sex Kit comes with the Sex Gummies and new Sex Serum, both of which contain CBD. The gummies come in a box of 10 and include directions to take them 30 to 60 minutes before having sex. As for the serum, the CBD-infused lubricant has no directions, meaning there's nothing to do other than enjoy. Since the gummies contain a very small amount of THC, they won't get you high, but they will get you in the mood. Made with full-spectrum CBD, horny goat weed extract, maca root extract, and ashwagandha extract (all of which are promised to "promote desire"), a good time is pretty much guaranteed.

After about 30 minutes of (im)patiently waiting per the gummy's directions, it was time to take things to the bedroom. My sex drive is already pretty high, but I noticed that the gummies kicked it into the next gear. While I usually like to incorporate a healthy dose of foreplay into my escapades, the gummies had a different agenda, and that was "sex, and sex now." With no need for the lube, things got hot fast. While I didn't notice a difference in the actual feeling of the sex I was having, the gummies did make it steamier due in part to both the anticipation and the excitement of incorporating something new into the mix. As for the Sex Serum, that was used later, and wow, was it different than the other lubes I've used before. With a peppermint scent and (very) tingly sensation, it was enough to get me going without the need for any horny goat weed extract.

If you're looking to keep your sex life fresh, fun, and filled with pleasure, there's nothing hotter than trying something new. Whether it's a different position, CBD gummies, sensational lube, or all of the above, give yourself the sex high you deserve.

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