"Your Dreams Are Everything": This Empowering Dating Advice From TikTok Will Hype You Up

Relationship advice is like loose change — you get it from all over, and before you know it, you've got a jar full of coins that you need to put to good use. Parents, friends, books, articles, and TikTok have countless tips and tricks that promise an improved love life, and while you can soak it all in, there are only certain pieces you truly take to heart. Thanks to TikTok, we found a bit of advice that you can put into action today — whether you're dating someone or not.

TikToker Rohit Tigga (@imhereandcare) shared his insights regarding love, and it's just what anyone who's navigating the world of relationships needs to hear. "When you're young, don't focus and obsess over love, dating, and relationships," Tigga said. "Focus on your dreams, passion, your purpose, figuring out who you are, and take risks." He explained that you shouldn't waste your time on people who might one day leave you; you should invest it in yourself and focus on how you can grow as a person.

Many people put their romantic relationships above all else and risk losing friends, missing out on new experiences, not following their passions, and not working on becoming the person they want to be. By putting yourself first, you can attract someone who (as cheesy as it sounds) loves you for you. Having a healthy relationship relies on both parties being happy with who they are, and supporting their partner's dreams and goals. We hope this relationship tip adds up for you so that you can someday cash out on the best romance possible! Watch the full TikTok above to get more of Tigga's advice.