11 Instagram Accounts That Can Help You Through Grief

There are many different ways to process grief, and it's important to find what works for you and makes you feel understood. Leaning on family and friends for support is great for some, meditation or exercise works well for others, and some people enjoy sitting down with a good book and leaving their current reality for a little while.

One unexpected thing that's made a difference in my personal grieving process has been following Instagram accounts that speak to what I'm going through. When my grief was the heaviest, all I could do was lie in bed and try to distract myself with social media, but seeing everyone living their best life started to make me feel worse. This is when I started following accounts that would leave gentle reminders on my feed that it's OK to feel it all and take as long as I need to feel better again. If you're in the same boat, keep reading to see some of the accounts that helped me get through and hopefully find one that speaks to you, too.

Sh*tty Watercolour

This account features beautiful watercolor comics about going through it and getting through it with a cute cat by your side to give stellar advice. I look forward to seeing new posts because they've brought me joy in the midst of deep sadness.

Follow Sh*tty Watercolour on Instagram here.

Grief Practice

Monique is training to be a Somatic Experiencing practitioner to address and help grief in the body. Her account is a combination of peaceful images with thoughtful captions and quotes accurately describing the many sides of grief.

Follow Monique on Instagram here.

Anne Carly

Anne's account is all about feeling the full range of emotions we experience as humans and honoring them.

Follow Anne on Instagram here.

Storyteller Co.

A personal favorite of mine is The Storyteller Co. because of the soothing color scheme and their raw and honest words.

Follow Storyteller Co. on Instagram here.

Writing Grief

Angela created her page, Writing Grief, after the passing of her father. I deeply appreciate her words and thoughts on grief and her honesty about it all.

Follow Angela on Instagram here.

People I've Loved

Artist Carissa Potter Carlson is the creator behind People I've Loved, and she's truly talented. Her art speaks to the many complex emotions of the human experience in a gentle way.

Follow Carissa on Instagram here.

Keeley Shaw

Keeley's page is filled with colorful artwork that promotes self-awareness and self-love. Her posts will ask you to stop scrolling for a moment and check back in with yourself, and I think we can all benefit from more of that.

Follow Keeley on Instagram here.

Learning About Grief

Olivia Nelson is a two-time widow who runs the Learning About Grief Instagram page, and she offers support to both the grieving and the people who support them. This account is a great one to reference back to if you know someone who has recently suffered a loss and you'd like to learn about how to show up for them.

Follow Olivia on Instagram here.

I Had a Miscarriage

Jessica Zucker is a psychologist who focuses on reproductive and maternal mental health, and her page will bring comfort to anyone who is experiencing the excruciating pain of pregnancy loss.

Follow Jessica Zucker on Instagram here.

Grief Uncovered

Alex is on her way to becoming a psychotherapist and is sharing the truth about grief and mourning. Her account serves as the perfect reminder that there's no one way to get through loss.

Follow Alex on Instagram here.

Option B

Option B provides quotes and advice on grief (like my personal favorite shown here), as well as coping tips for many other hardships that people may be facing.

Follow Option B on Instagram here.