Still Wanting to Celebrate Their Special Day, This Couple Eloped and Live-Streamed It

Nicole Nero Studio

Amid uncertain times, one thing remains constant: the love two people have for each other. When Stephanie and Peter's official wedding plans were postponed due to stay-at-home orders, they decided to keep their wedding date the same and celebrate another way: by eloping in their backyard. The couple streamed the ceremony through Event Live so their friends and family could watch, and they were even able to include their dog, among other things, in the festivities!

"The day obviously was not what we dreamed about or planned, but it was a beautiful day that I am so thankful for and look back and smile on," Stephanie told POPSUGAR. "We incorporated some things from the wedding in our elopement: my husband's cufflinks I had made, our vow books, and our champagne flutes."

"The day obviously was not what we dreamed about or planned, but it was a beautiful day that I am so thankful for and look back and smile on."

While practicing social distancing, one of Stephanie's best friends married the couple under a tent they pitched in their backyard. The bride wore a gorgeous flowy dress, while Peter sported a crisp charcoal suit. Friends and family members were able to follow the ceremony in real time and leave comments of love and support on their page. After the ceremony, the couple did a short FaceTime portrait session with photographer Nicole Nero to capture some special moments from their elopement. Nicole did the shoot from her house — snapping pictures of devices as they displayed the happy couple — and incorporated plants into the scene to make the photos even more beautiful.

With no one else but their officiant on site, the couple were able to share their most intimate moments together in peace. "I think my favorite part was at night, in our sweats, we put our wedding song on (Dave Matthews Band's 'You and Me') and we danced, just the two of us," Stephanie said. "It is a very special song to us and to be able to dance to it as husband and wife meant the world to us."

While the couple still hope to celebrate their wedding day with loved ones in person, Stephanie and Peter's backyard elopement was as special as it could be in light of the circumstances. For those whose wedding plans are also getting changed or are up in the air, Stephanie had her own advice to offer: "It is OK to grieve and cry and be angry, but don't let that get in the way of your love and the reason for your marriage. Do something on the day to make it special: elope, exchange vows, dance to your wedding song, have a picnic, plan a romantic dinner at home! Do something to mark the special day and to enjoy your love."