10 Sex-Positive TikTok Accounts You Need on Your FYP

TikTok is quickly changing the way we talk about sex. Typically, sex education hasn't exactly been a comprehensive experience, if offered at all, and hasn't often nurtured a safe space to delve into deeper discussions around sex, pleasure, or sexuality. A group of sex educators, sex therapists, and activists on TikTok are actively working toward changing that.

Amid clips on career advice and beauty tips, a growing number of influencers on Tiktok are addressing reproductive health, the female orgasm, body image, intimacy, menstrual wellness, and anatomy. In doing so, they're filling a gap for TikTok audiences, allowing them a thorough and transparent approach to sex education, while also creating no-judgment spaces where they can address concerns and questions.

The internet has long been a place to get information about sex that we didn't get in school, but these certified sexologists, therapists, and doctors are creating go-to spaces for easily digestible, informative content. Read on for 10 sex-positive TikTok accounts you need to have on your FYP.



@yes.tess is a certified sexual-health educator devoted to an enthusiastic and positive approach to education and conversations about sexuality. She offers inclusive, evidence-based, and sex-positive information about sexuality, menstruation, birth control, body positivity, puberty, STIs, and more.



As an ob-gyn, Nicole Alicia Sparks, MD, shares plenty about how to prepare for ob-gyn visits, birth control, and periods. In her TikToks, Dr. Sparks answers questions like how to place a tampon and managing your first period and debunks any potential fears about Pap smears.



Danielle Bezalel, MPH, emphasizes pleasure-focused, nonjudgmental, medically accurate, and LGBTQ+-inclusive sex learning. Her TikToks often break down common sex myths and misconceptions in an approachable and engaging way. She also hosts a sex-positive podcast, "Sex Ed With DB."



Katie Haan is a self-proclaimed "TikTok big sis," an intimacy director in training, and an advocate for creating a peer-led space for sex education. She's a proud member of the ring of keys — a network of queer women, gender-nonconforming, and trans artists — and her theatrical flair shines through in her content. Her TikToks discuss sex topics one would bring up with a friend, like Plan B, emergency contraception, lesbian sex, and what to expect at an STI screening.



Host of "Sensual Self," a podcast for sexually liberated people, Ev'Yan Whitney wants to ensure you feel sexy. The queer, nonbinary sex educator is on the ace spectrum and speaks openly about asexuality — which is typically underrepresented and disregarded in conversations about sex — and the common misconceptions surrounding it.



Shelby Sells is a love, sex, and life coach who encourages people to explore their sexuality and relationships with open minds and loving hearts. Her recent TikToks feature tips on how to feel sexy, staying naughty over the holidays, and receiving sexual feedback.



A board-certified ob-gyn, Staci Tanouye, MD, is a sexual-health educator who posts TikToks on topics like masturbation, clitoral health, and reproductive rights. With more than 1.5 million followers on the platform, Dr. Tanouye is sure to teach you a thing or two.



Though not a professional sex educator, TikToker @itsrubibish1 shares tips for genital hygiene and sexual preparation and debunks myths on gay sex and relationships. He approaches every topic in a lighthearted way that's guaranteed to make you laugh.



Jennifer Lincoln, MD, is an ob-gyn and the author of "Let's Talk About Down There." She is dedicated to demystifying sex education and often posts TikToks debunking a variety of misconceptions about female genitalia, pregnancy, and more.



Heather Irobunda, MD, is an ob-gyn who talks about genital health, birth control, STIs, and more. Dr. Irobunda's great energy makes all of her content incredibly engaging, while still being super informative.