Dreaming of a Disney Wedding? This Enchanting Shoot Brings Sleeping Beauty to Life

Dreaming of having an enchanting wedding? The creative minds of a wedding planner, makeup artist, and photographer had a vision to make an ethereal Sleeping Beauty-inspired photo shoot that encompassed all the charm, character, and pure elegance behind the beloved fairy tale. Their goal was to capture the essence and allure of Aurora's story without missing a single whimsical detail, thus making it come to life just like Disney did so long ago. The trio reimagined how the princess would've styled her wedding in modern times, all while keeping the classic charm intact.

Shot in the Chelsea Physic Garden of London, the setting was made to reflect the woodsy landscape that Aurora grew up on with her fairy godmothers. Her charming cottage in the forest was where she found tranquility, but outside of it is where she enjoyed true happiness among the animals and wilderness. The full trees, green grass, and blooming flowers tapped into the princess's love of the outdoors and the pure grace of the nature around her.

The color palette for the shoot consisted of earthy and neutral tones, as well as the blush pink and baby blue that are seen in the film. The fairy godmothers' disagreement on what color the princess's dress should be played into the overall color scheme of the shoot, giving it a very romantic and enchanting feel. Colorful pink and blue drinks, a three-layer marble-inspired cake, and sweet treats all fit the theme of what the princess would serve at her wedding, while staying in tandem with the whimsical color tones. The tablescape was adorned with flowers and dainty china that was worthy of royalty.

As for the wedding dress, romantic flowers could be seen on the bodice, representing Aurora's deep love for nature. Her white and flowy gown was complete with an elegant silver detail on the waist that tied the whole dress together. A long veil imprinted with dainty wildflowers made the wedding attire even more enchanting. The sheer white veil contrasted with the light orange and gold flower details to make the look as dreamy as can be. The princess wore a matching gold headband that perfectly complemented the veil and featured small, delicate flowers.

This whimsical wedding shoot brought to life one of the most enchanting fairy tales of all. A classic love story, Sleeping Beauty revolves around true love and a happily ever after, something that Disney-lovers can appreciate. From the small details to the overarching themes, see how this dreamy wedding shoot came to life.