40 Fun Valentine's Day Games For Couples, Families, and Friends

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Though Valentine's Day can be a day for celebrating romantic love, it can also be a day to celebrate familial love or the love among friends. Feb. 14 is your time to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them — whether it's through food, gifts, sex, or even a party. If you plan on having a little extra fun this Valentine's Day, no party on this holiday is complete without some activities.

Depending on your guest list, there are plenty of games you can play. We have a healthy selection of Valentine's Day games for just about any party or gathering you might be having on the day of love, including Galentine's Day. For couples looking to have a steamy night in, we have some sexy games for you. For friends or family get-togethers, we have a ton of family-friendly games that guests of all ages will enjoy. We also have some adults-only options that are a bit risqué, but aren't reserved for just couples. Take a look through and get ready for your own Valentine's Day fun.

Valentine's Day Party Games

Valentine's Day Party Games For Adults

  • That's What She Said Game ($21, originally $25)
  • Valentine's Day Beer Pong — See if you can find red or pink ping pong balls and put your drink of choice in Valentine's Day cups.
  • Valentine's Day Heads Up: Make Valentine's Day-themed cards to play this game, rather than using an app on your phone or tablet.
  • Never Have I Ever Card Game ($25)
  • Do or Drink Card Game ($30)

Valentine's Day Games For Couples

Valentine's Day Games For the Whole Family

  • GTN Tech Valentine Bean Bag Toss Game ($13)
  • Valentine's Day Party Emoji Game ($10)
  • Valentine Connection Game ($24, originally $28)
  • ADXCO Valentine's Day Dart Board ($12)
  • Valentine Bottle Toss Game ($29)
  • Valentine's Day Large Size Bingo Game Card ($8, originally $14)
  • Pin the Arrow on the Heart — Draw a life-size person on a poster and let people pin paper arrows where the heart should be (while blindfolded).
  • Valentine's Day Pictionary: Come up with your own Valentine's Day-themed ideas for teams to draw and guess.
  • Valentine's Day Charades: Similarly, you can come up with Valentine's Day topics for teams to act out.
  • Candy Hunt — Hide Valentine's Day candy around a room (or even the whole house) and let your party guests search. It's a bit like an Easter Egg hunt without the eggs!
  • Valentine's Day Cornhole — If you have cornhole boards, gussy them up for the day of love and get yourself some pink and red bean bags to play.
  • Musical Hearts — Instead of playing musical chairs, use hearts on the floor and love songs to play this game.
  • Valentine's Day Punch Board — Use a poster board and make containers on it big enough to hold candy or trinkets. Cover each space with tissue paper and secure. Let your party guests punch through their spot of choice and get the prize inside.
  • Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt — You could create a scavenger hunt for a significant other that's all about your own love story or you could do it for your friends or family. As long as it's love-themed, it doesn't matter who plays.
  • Valentine's Piñata — Find a lovely piñata and fill it with Valentine's Day treats for guests to try to get.