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9-Year-Old Daughter Takes Mom's Maternity Pictures

A 9-Year-Old Took These Maternity Photos of Her Mom, and How Do We Hire Her?

Alexandra Elle, a mom from the Washington DC area, was showered with compliments after sharing her maternity shoot with her followers on Twitter. There's no denying the shots are gorgeous, but the series stands out for an entirely different reason: her 9-year-old daughter is the photographer and creative director behind it.

The expecting mama shared some of her favorite photos with this insanely sweet caption: "My 9-year-old was my art director + maternity photographer today. She told me I look like a butterfly goddess." With almost 8,000 retweets, it's safe to say the post's well on its way to viral status.

If these pictures strike a chord with you, you're not alone. Apparently, the entire Twitter world was impressed and didn't hold back when it came to doling out praise to the "butterfly goddess" and her talented daughter:


Now, Alexandra, is your daughter up for hire? Because we know a few pregnant mamas who need her number.

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