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FrancinePrevost FrancinePrevost 3 years

I had my 2 boys before my 30s and I would not change a thing, I'm now 46, my husband 50 and this is the best time of our lives. We get to travel once a year without kids, we get to go on dates without worrying about the sitter and being home by a certain time. In a couple of years we will have an empty nest and can't wait to start the other chapter in our lives and still be young and healthy to enjoy it.

ChristinaGarrett1372153230 ChristinaGarrett1372153230 3 years

I'm a young mom and I love it! :) I'm also a single mom due to my son's absent dad but I wouldn't change it. Another benefit of being a young mom:
*Babies mature you and take away the recklessness!!!*
I used to hang out a lot, I was a sweet girl, but I was less considerate before, I was a partier, misunderstanding of life, was less motivated, and I was engaging in risky behavior. Now that I'm a mom, I've grown up a lot and actually kept a job! lol. I've also found God and my life is better than it ever was. I'm a beautiful Christian mom, a college student, I hold a full time job, and I wouldn't change it. I also see the differences in men to be honest. I can discern men a lot better and can weed out the good ones from the bad ones better.

DesireeRowe1368439084 DesireeRowe1368439084 3 years

Being a mom who had two in her 20's and then a "Laat Lamtjie" at 40 I can attest to those points. Having children take a lot out of you both physically and mentally. I always thought people who waited until their late 30's and even 40's were mad now I know this to be true and that only because I have actually done it myself. Starting all over again is no walk in the park especially when your eldest is ready to leave the nest in 2 years and your youngest is 9 months old. But in hind sight I wouldn't change my children for anything in the world except maybe having Christopher a good 10 years earlier. But then again accidents happen and blessings increase regardless of age. I just wish I had more energy.

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