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Exciting first day of school for a lot of kids but we don't think there was any kid more excited than 4th grader Kevin....

Posted by FOX 7 Austin on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sure, plenty of kids get excited about the first day of school, but we can't really imagine any as thrilled by the notion as Texas grade-schooler Kevin (need we remind you of poor Andrew's reaction last year?).

Why is he so darn eager to head back to class?

"Because I'm going to fourth grade and after that I'm going to fifth grade, and I'm going to college . . . or high school, I don't know. Or preschool. I don't even know the order anymore."

All while his dad chuckled beside him, a well-dressed Kevin chatted up the Fox 7 Austin News reporter about his future plans to invent stuff, how his mom thinks he's a baby and makes him wear protective gear when he rides his bike, and that, after only making one friend at his last school, this year, he's "hoping I can make more friends than just one."

We have a good feeling about that, Kevin.

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