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Breast Milk Donor Mom's Letter to NICU Baby

This Breast Milk Donor's Emotional Letter to the NICU Baby She'll "Never Know" Is So Bittersweet

Abby Frame, or donor number 0000060340, is a breastfeeding mom who spent 700 hours pumping to get 8,000 ounces breast milk to donate to a NICU baby in need. Despite the fact that this mom may never know anything about the baby her milk is going to, what they were fighting, or who they'll grow up to be, Frame says she's so proud of each ounce that'll go to the little babe and that it was completely worth it. In a letter shared with the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, the selfless mom addressed this mystery baby, and even though the message will likely never get to the child or their mama, we can't help but feel emotional over her powerful words.

"Dear NICU babe," Frame wrote. "I don't know your story. I don't know who you are. And perhaps I never will. But maybe, just maybe, you'll do great things in your life. All you need is a fighting chance, right? So you fight little one. You give it all you've got. Whatever you're going through, fight."

Frame also took the time to address the baby's mom, knowing how difficult it must be to see your precious newborn wrapped up in tubes and wires, unable to take them home with you.

"And to your Mama, lord. I can't imagine what she's going through either. But her baby is having a hard time and y'all both need a little help. And if my milk can help in any way then it is my greatest pleasure. The 700 hours I have spent pumping and cleaning and packaging this up for you is all worth it. So take it. Fight. And grow up to be amazing! I believe in you."

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