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This Foster Mom's Message Is Exactly What Struggling Foster Parents Need to Hear

A foster mom recently shared an encouraging and supportive message both to herself and for anyone struggling in the early stages of fostering a child. On Facebook, the blogger behind Foster the Family wrote, "If you were three days into a new placement, I would know what you needed to hear."

Having been in that exact same position several times, she proceeded to share some helpful reminders for any struggling foster parent who needs them. "I would remind you that in a week he won't seem like a stranger and you won't feel quite so lost. I would remind you that the whole family will find a rhythm and that this chaos isn't the new normal," she said.

"I would remind you that this is all worth it."

As for that stress foster parents might be feeling, she reassuringly added, "I would remind you that the tension in your neck will ease and you'll feel like yourself again soon. I would remind you that all of the appointments and visits and phone calls of the first week are almost done. I would remind you that this is all worth it."

The post has really resonated with people online, receiving over 100 comments and 1,000 reactions on Facebook. In the comments, someone wrote, "I wish I could print this and hang it on my fridge because every new placement you question whether you have got this or not."

Image Source: Foster the Family
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