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You'll Relate Hard to 1 Mom's Reaction to Her Baby Trying on "Big Girl Clothes"

The saying "the days go slow, but the years go fast" never rings more true than when your youngest child hits a big milestone that makes you realize your once-tiny baby is now a full-fledged big kid. For Kristen Hewitt, this moment of realization came while cleaning out her girls' closets for back-to-school season. Her youngest daughter, who is entering kindergarten this Fall, was trying on her older sister's "big girl clothes" when Hewitt says panic all of a sudden hit her.

"She's not a baby anymore, she starts kindergarten in three weeks, and I'm not going to have anymore 'alone' time with her every day after preschool," Hewitt wrote in a post to Facebook featuring a photo of her 5-year-old strutting her stuff in a hand-me-down maxi dress. "How does this happen so fast?"

Although the mother of two shares specific things about her daughter that have made her realize she's definitely becoming a big kid — things that she isn't yet ready to let go of just yet — many parents can relate to her emotions.


"And to make things even crazier, after five long years of wetting at night, she's finally stopped. She doesn't need need Pull-Ups suddenly and I need time to stand still now. I don't want her to learn how to say her 'R's correctly. I don't want her to get dressed or pour her own juice without my help. I don't want her to leave me from 8:15-2:30. I want her to be with me every day, need me, and it's breaking my heart that school is almost starting.

I know there are thousands of memes and posts around social media with moms counting down the seconds until kids go back to school, but I'm not that mom. I love being home with our girls, even when they fight. I love not having anywhere to be. I love watching Descendants 2 for the fourth time, because they cuddle on the couch and I can still hold them. I'm simply not ready for Summer to end."

Hewitt ends her post with a pledge to live in the moment for the rest of the Summer before her family's life shifts come September. "So if you need me — I'll still be here savoring every last freaking second of my baby's last Summer before school. Trying to remember every detail of her adorable little voice, and the way she mispronounces 'mow-lawner,'" she wrote. "Because I only have 13 Summers left, and I want to make them count."

Image Source: Kristen Hewitt
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