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MarandaYujnovich MarandaYujnovich 3 years

I hate articles like this, they're rubbish. The people in the photos are fake and the comments ridiculous. Every child is different and every family dynamic is different. How can you possibly narrow being a good Mum down into 15 general comments? Your article is socially irresponsible......

AliceG16392 AliceG16392 3 years

I agree with all comments, and KUDOS to you all who see it right and says it so! You are so right on! This article shows us how this article is ...derailed from the reality of being A Parent. Hugs to all moms who know how to be MOMS. (Yawn) Gotta go to bed. Hopefully I'll sleep uninterrupted for 33 minutes.

VonCoates1371605929 VonCoates1371605929 3 years

Agree with Guest and Rebecca. More judgement and stuff for Mums to feel bad about. Sleep through the night - heck! I don't sleep through the night! And when did it become necessary to be a parent AND a friend? You are a parent and should never aim to be a friend, kids have friends for that role. So do you. Let kids be kids don't burden them with friend stuff. Time Out? I never did time out it shouldn't be necessary if you give your attention at the right time. If you have a partner who doesn't know how you do it they're not being a hands on parent nearly enough. Let them get more involved.

RebeccaRachmany1389520788 RebeccaRachmany1389520788 3 years

I want to assure every reader of this article that you are doing parenthood right, no matter how many or how few of these 15 items are relevant for you. The last thing we need as moms is more articles telling us what we are and aren't doing right. If you love your kids and doing the best you can, you are doing it right. How boring the world would be if we all had the same parenting style and all our kids turned out alike! You are doing just great. If you want to find out your mom style, you can take our (humorous) survey here and find out

TiaN1395519445 TiaN1395519445 3 years

Number 12 is wrong my partner does it better than me he is a natural and can spend hours just playing and feeding the kids, which I haven't got the patience for

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