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This Powerful PSA Shuts Down the Stigma Around Down Syndrome Once and For All

In an effort to shed some much-needed light on what it's like to have a child with Down syndrome, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society released a powerful video on Nov. 2 to YouTube explaining why you should never say "sorry" to the parents of kiddos with Down syndrome. The powerful PSA clocks in at one minute and 26 seconds and tackles what should be common knowledge: having a baby is a reason to celebrate — regardless if said child has Down syndrome or not.

The video is called "The S-Word" and is part of a larger campaign called Anything But Sorry, which seeks to remind people that having a child with Down syndrome is nothing to be sorry about, with a bunch of hilarious one-liners straight from the mouths of the people they're apologizing for. The best part? How they get the point across with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of profanity, proving that the only bad word when it comes to talking about kiddos with Down syndrome is "sorry." And if you ask us, the mission was accomplished.

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