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Whitney Port Opening Up About Her Postbaby Sex Fears Will Make You Scream, "Preach, Girl!"

Even reality stars aren't immune to the countless difficulties associated with pregnancy. MTV's The Hills alum Whitney Port, who gave birth to her first child earlier this year, has started a YouTube series to document her new-mom struggles. Titled I Love My Baby But . . ., the series features Whitney candidly discussing everything from the pain of breastfeeding to how hard it is to actually push out your child. In her latest addition to the series, "I Wish My Body Didn't Have to Change," she opens up about her struggle with accepting all the "weird things" that happen to your body both before and after pregnancy. And her words will have all moms — both new and old — nodding their heads and saying, "Same!"

Whitney starts the video by recalling what was running through her head when she first learned she was pregnant. "I was fearful of how my body was going to change and that I wasn't going to have control over it because working out was one of those things that I could have control over," she says.

"Even though gaining weight is a natural thing and good for the baby, I couldn't help from having those bad thoughts come in."

The star goes on to explain how she gained more weight than she anticipated, and the process of putting on the pounds took a major toll on her self-esteem. "I ended up gaining 40 pounds, which I feel decent about. I feel like I thought I was going to be one of those women that just gained the baby and gained, like, 25 pounds, but no, I decided to enjoy myself," she says. Gaining so much weight was "really hard" for her, she admits. "It did not make me feel good about myself. I didn't really want to get dressed. Putting together outfits for work or events or whatever I had to do was just a stressful thing for me because I hated how I looked. Even though gaining weight is a natural thing and good for the baby, I couldn't help from having those bad thoughts come in. I'm a normal person and gaining weight doesn't make anyone feel good," she says.

Next up, Whitney frankly tackles a rather touchy subject that she feels is "really not discussed:" vaginal deliveries. It "changes everything down there" and is both "painful and uncomfortable," she says. The new mom admits that "after pushing an eight-pound baby out of a teeny hole," she was nervous about how it would affect her sex life with her husband, Timmy. "I was worried about . . . if it would feel the same, if you would feel the same way about me. I thought a lot about if you were attracted to me, and that was hard because I never was insecure about that before," Whitney says while talking directly to her hubby, who filmed the video.

Watch the entire video above to see what else Whitney has to say about the physical struggles of being a new mom. You'll certainly be nodding your head in agreement throughout the entire clip.

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