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Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Election Story to James Corden

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Read the Hilarious "Tale of the 2016 Election" to James Corden in Bed

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Benedict Cumberbatch lent his talents to read one of the most dramatic and frightening scripts out there: "The Story of the 2016 US Presidential Election."

In the hilarious video, Cumberbatch reads an election-themed bedtime story to Corden, who's tucked in bed, of course. He opens the story by saying, "Once upon a time, in a land called America . . . lived a lady who wanted to rule the kingdom very much — very, very much. Some would say too much." In the process of trying to rule the kingdom, however, Cumbarbatch explains how the "lady" gets lost in a dark forest full of computers, emails, and a scary fox that delivers bad news.

Things take a real turn for the worse, though, when the lady encounters the "big orange monster." Cumberbatch added, "Nobody expected the orange monster to rule the land, because although his head was very, very big, his wisdom was very, very tiny like his tiny, tiny baby hands." Watch the whole thing to see how the story ends. Yes, there's somewhat of a happy ending.

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