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Bernie Sanders Laughs at Trump's Healthcare Comment

Watch as Bernie Sanders Has a Laughing Fit Over Trump's Ignorant Healthcare Comment

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump is now an elected official leading the United States government, he was surprised to find out that providing health care is a complex issue. "Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject," he told a room full of governors on Feb. 27, according to CNN. "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." Senator Bernie Sanders, a leading proponent of universal access to health care, was quite amused by Trump's ignorance.

During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Sanders broke out in a fit of laughter after Cooper asked him about Trump's comment. Sanders responded by saying, "Some of us who were sitting on the health education committee, who went to meeting after meeting after meeting, who heard from dozens of people, who stayed up night after night trying to figure out this thing, yeah we got a clue."

You don't have to be a doctor to know that implementing a health care system for an entire nation isn't simple. "When you provide health care in a nation of 320 million people, yeah, it is very, very complicated," Sanders added.

Trump, spurred by Republicans' long-chronicled disdain of the Affordable Care Act, has repeatedly called the initiative a failure. GOP leaders and members of Congress have already taken steps towards dismantling Obamacare, but they have yet to announce how they plan to replace it. People across the country are vocally concerned about losing health care and are expressing those sentiments in town halls nationwide.

Saying that the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, Sanders maintained the he would be willing to work with his Republican counterparts so long as they commit to improving Obamacare instead of totally repealing it. Sanders, a former Democratic presidential candidate, is vehemently opposed to further privatization of health care.

In Sanders's ideal world, health care would be a guarantee for all. "We remain today, and let's not forget it, the only major country on Earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people. We pay the highest prices by far for prescription drugs," Sanders said. "Let's address those issues."

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