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Best Tweets From the Vice Presidential Debate

Here Are the Best Tweets About the Vice Presidential Debate

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence took the stage tonight in Farmville, VA, for the only vice presidential debate before the election. As with the first presidential debate, Twitter was ripe with hilarious commentary. Here's a roundup of the best tweets.

People made fun of both candidates' reputations for being boring:

They also called out how the candidates avoided directly answering the questions and talked over one another:

(Elaine Quijano, the moderator, is the first Asian-American woman to host a debate.)

Tim Kaine referred to Donald Trump's long history of xenophobic, sexist, and troubling remarks. Mike Pence implied Trump did not make those statements — despite the fact they are public and recorded. People immediately corrected Pence.

Despite how heated this debate got, we can only imagine that the second presidential debate on Sunday will bring even more drama.

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