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CNN Crew Saves Hurricane Harvey Survivor

This CNN Crew's Daring Rescue of a Hurricane Harvey Survivor Will Make Your Heart Race

All week, we've seen heroic acts from citizens and rescue workers across Texas as they come together following the deadly and destructive aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Another example of strangers stepping up to support one another took place on Aug. 30, when CNN anchor Drew Griffin and his team stopped preparing for an on-the-scene report to instead rescue a man who accidentally drove into a flood of water — and it was all caught on camera.

In the heart-racing clip, Griffin and his crew members rush over to the drowning driver after finding a rope long enough to help pull him out. "I want to thank these guys for saving my life," the man says on camera to Griffin following his rescue. The ordeal — which had a heartwarming resolution — stood in a stark contrast to the now-viral Fox News clip that shows an anchor interrogating a group of women, asking them why they didn't evacuate before the storm — all while they're trying to flee from Harvey's path for safety.

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