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Cher Tweets About Asthma and AHCA

Cher's Twitter Outrage About the AHCA Is Eccentric . . . but She Has a Point

Cher is many things: a singer, an actress, an activist, and a social media phenomenon. The social media phenomenon bit stems mostly from the fact that she types in caps lock with excessive use of emoji, but sometimes — like today — the legendary entertainer makes waves on Twitter for her political opinions.

After the House GOP managed to (barely) pass a new healthcare bill called the American Health Care Act, many concerns emerged about the "preexisting conditions" that insurance companies could begin charging premiums for should the bill become law, including (but not limited to) asthma, C-section births, and sexual assault. Filled with outrage about the AHCA's passing, Cher took to her favorite social media platform to express her concern for those less fortunate.

In her own manner of communication, Cher expressed frustration that, while she has insurance for her own asthma, the new bill would make it more difficult for others suffering from the same affliction (including the elderly and young kids) to find affordable coverage. She also tweeted her anger that the "survival of the fittest" healthcare bill would affect "battered women" (assault survivors) and suggested that the members of Congress who voted for the bill didn't read it beforehand.

Cher also took the chance to express her severe disapproval for President Donald Trump, even throwing out ideas for a "Trump NO Care" tank top and comparing Trump to the Antichrist character, Damien, from The Omen. It was a wild ride.

After people began misinterpreting (and misreporting) the singer's original tweet about health care and asthma, Cher set the record straight.

She also had precisely zero time for game-show-host-turned-inflammatory-far-right-podcaster Chuck Woolery, one of the many who took Cher's original tweet and turned it into an opportunity to mock her for caring about health care while wealthy.

While Cher's method of expressing her political discontent is certainly eccentric, there's no denying that she has a point: based on the new insurance allowances, premiums will go up for asthmatic patients and assault survivors if the bill passes in the Senate in its current form. If that's not something straight from a horror film, we don't know what is.

Image Source: Getty / Tara Ziemba
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