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It's Entirely Possible That Donald Trump Jr. Is the Least Funny Person on Earth

At this point, we can all pretty safely say that Donald Trump Jr. just isn't a funny guy. Much like his father, he feels the need to blast every living thought in his head out to the internet — and as a result, we've seen the full gamut of Trump Jr.'s humor, from atrocious Halloween jokes to questionable email etiquette and everything in between. But where Trump Sr.'s off-color jokes may (sometimes) land with an audience, it's pretty clear at this point that nobody's laughing along with his eldest son.

The most recent example comes in the form of an Instagram triptych — as seen above — wherein Trump Jr. tried so hard to make himself seem legit and clever that he actually somehow got America's most-hated senator, Ted Cruz, to pose alongside a cookie bearing a very tenuous likeness to former President Barack Obama. "With friends like these... some good friends decided that while my birthday is not for 2 weeks that they would get me an early 40th birthday cake," he captioned the post, adding, "And what birthday is complete without an Obama cake? I figured it was so good that I would have to share it with Ted."

Where do we even start with this? First, let's all just acknowledge the fact that the item he's holding is by no means a cake, and saying a cookie is a cake is, as far as I can tell, fake news. Second, Trump Jr. very well may be the only person on planet earth who manages to make Cruz look like a normal dude in a photo. Cruz literally has a face that is scientifically proven to make you uneasy, and yet Trump Jr. manages to look like the true goon with his melty-goopy cookie thing.

To be clear, Trump Jr. is obviously once again trying to gain approval from his father by making a joke that people find funny on social media. But at this point, we all have to start to wonder just how much abuse he's willing to take in order to get a pat on the head or a retweet from his dad — and acknowledge that it's truly a sad state of affairs for the president's namesake. Think about it: even Cruz feels bad for the guy. So at the end of the day, he really needs to consider restraining himself from spitting out these terrible, faulty, overly complicated jokes in 2018. We'd all be better off as a result.

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