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How Much Did People Donate to the ACLU in 2016?

The ACLU Received More Donations This Weekend Than in All of Last Year

In the last week, the American Civil Liberties Union enjoyed a record number of online donations, largely prompted by President Donald Trump's executive order banning people from seven Muslim countries from entering the US.

According to USA Today, the ACLU received more than 350,000 online donations amounting to a staggering $24 million since the morning of Saturday, Jan. 28. The civil rights organization usually raises about $4 million a year, making this past weekend truly remarkable.

ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero told USA Today the wave of support was proof of American democracy at work. "It's really clear that this is a different type of moment. People want to know what they can do. They want to be deployed as protagonists in this fight. It's not a spectator sport."

Over the weekend, the organization challenged Trump's order in court. Brooklyn's Federal District Court Judge Ann M. Donnelly issued a stay on Saturday night, protecting those who were still detained under the ban from being deported.

Romero made it clear in the same interview that the fight is far from over. "[Trump] is walking down a very dangerous path. . . . He will be met with resistance every step of the way."

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