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How to Watch the Solar Eclipse Online

6 Ways to Watch the Solar Eclipse Without Going Anywhere

The upcoming — and highly anticipated — total solar eclipse takes place on Aug. 21, and it's inspiring people to travel across the country to find the best viewing spots. Even Southwest Airlines is joining in on the fun, as the company recently announced themed flights that will allow passengers to watch the solar eclipse from the sky. However, if you're stuck at work or in a state where a total viewing isn't available, don't fear — the internet's here to save the day.

There are several ways to watch at work, home, or on the go. Bookmark these options now.

  • NASA: Watch NASA's Eclipse Megacast on the agency's website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. The live stream event will include interviews with scientists, film from several different places, and footage from airplanes, ground telescopes, and 57 "high-altitude balloons." On NASA's Facebook page, the agency will hold a livestream from Charleston, South Carolina beginning at 12 p.m. ET.
  • Slooh: Of course, Slooh, which regularly live streams meteor showers, will also host one for the solar eclipse from Stanley, ID.
  • San Francisco Exploratorium: If you need on-the-go coverage, the San Francisco Exploratorium will live stream the eclipse from both its website as well as the Total Solar Eclipse app, available on both iOS and Android. It will include telescope views from Oregon and Wyoming.
  • CNN: Take your live streaming of the eclipse up a notch with CNN and Volvo, which are broadcasting it via 360-degree video in 4K resolution. You can watch it on CNN's website, the CNN app on iOS and Android, or a virtual reality headset.
  • Science Channel: The Science Channel will live stream the solar eclipse from Madras, OR, via Facebook Live on its Facebook page. The company will also air a one-hour special of the day, called The Great American eclipse, at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Twitter and the Weather Channel: Twitter is partnering with The Weather Channel to live stream the solar eclipse from 10 different locations in the US. The stream starts at 12 p.m. ET and will include live updates, GIFs, and drone footage.

Now you have zero excuses to miss the solar eclipse! If you do decide to watch this once-in-lifetime event in person, don't forget to follow NASA's safety tips to avoid injury. You can even pick up free solar eclipse viewing glasses from a local Warby Parker store.

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