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Leaders Who Support Paris Climate Agreement

20 Leaders Who Think Trump's Decision to Pull Out of the Paris Agreement Is Bullsh*t

President Donald Trump is hell-bent on prioritizing short-term gains and bottom lines over the Earth's very existence. But his supposed reasoning for ditching the treaty is a stretch; market indicators show a technological shift toward renewable energy, and the private sector has already concluded that investing in fossil fuels is no longer profitable (as former President Barack Obama reiterated in his statement on Trump's decision).

It's worth noting that Nicaragua, the only other country besides Syria and now the US not to ratify the agreement, chose not to because it deemed the treaty not ambitious enough. China and India are already reaching their goals and have realized just how much cash is in renewable energy. Even the pope is disappointed. So disappointed, in fact, the Vatican insulted Trump, which is an odd thing for the Catholic Church to do.

Besides the few people who flanked the president as he announced his intention to exploit the planet's resources until we all drown, most people agree that Trump's withdrawal is bad. Here is a smattering of world leaders, celebrities, and activists who agree that Trump's resolution is cretinous and will unquestionably harm our children. In the words of French President Emmanuel Macron, "Make the planet great again."


1. French President Emmanuel Macron

2. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

3. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Blankfein had never tweeted before this.

4. California Governor Jerry Brown

5. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

6. Washington Governor Jay Inslee

7. Oregon Governor Kate Brown

8. Tesla CEO Elon Musk

9. Disney CEO Robert Iger

10. Actor and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio

11. Senator Bernie Sanders

12. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

13. Former Vice President Joe Biden

14. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

15. CEO of General Electric Jeff Immelt

16. Senator Kamala Harris

17. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

18. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

19. Google CEO Sundar Pichai

20. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Image Source: Getty / Sean Gallup
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