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Old Trump Tweet About Hurricane Sandy, Obama, Electricity

This Old Trump Tweet Is Going Viral Because of Everything He's NOT Doing For Puerto Rico

With just about every single one of President Trump's controversial statements and decisions, we can find something from his past that contradicts his current actions. Whether it's the Oscars, his dismay with how Barack Obama handled Hurricane Sandy, or even the politics of the NFL, this man somehow always has something to say. He probably should've acted like any adult would before applying for a job and wiped. his. account.

The latest tweet to come back to haunt him? A 2012 tweet just one week after Hurricane Sandy hit in New York and New Jersey. "Millions without electricity across NY & NJ. The media has covered for Obama's massive failure. Can you imagine if this was another Pres?" Trump wrote, as seen below.

Well, unfortunately for us, we don't have to imagine. Exactly five years later, it's Trump's lack of action regarding the damage of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico that has everyone enraged. It has been 48 days since the hurricane made landfall on the island and according to, 867,000 homes and business still don't have power.

There was also this tweet from just one day prior in 2012, "The federal gov. has handled Sandy worse than Katrina. There is no excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel yet."

Yes, OK, at least he used the proper "than,", but this all begs the question: HEY TRUMP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT PUERTO RICO? He may think that tossing paper towels into the crowd while visiting the island counts as recovery efforts, but no, that won't do the trick. More than half of the homes and businesses on the island of Puerto Rico are still suffering from the devastating hurricane. We could all agree that if someone else was in his position right now, he'd be tweeting about the lack of effort in PR.

These statements from 2012 just prove once again that Trump's old tweets are a walking contradiction of his current policies and actions. Now that his old tweets are resurfacing, check out some of the present-day reactions below.

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