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Samantha Bee Talks About Donald Trump Being Racist

Samantha Bee Rips Into Donald Trump's Racism but Surprisingly Puts the Blame Somewhere Else

Another week, another Samantha Bee takedown. During last night's segment, the TBS show host explained how Donald Trump's racist comments are not that surprising given decades of racist Republican party ideology.

Bee started the show with Trump's "America first" tweet following the Orlando massacre and his call to ban Muslims from entering the country. She also pointed out how that "America first" slogan resembles the beliefs of Nazi suporter Charles Lindbergh and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, all before expertly comparing the bigotry in the GOP to the Breaking Bad series.

"Look, Trump isn't desecrating the Republican Party," she said. "He's just peeling back the glossy exterior to reveal the hideous symbion that's been lurking there for decades. So, GOP: the time has come to decide. Do you still want that beast living in your house or not?"


Bee's segment is trending on YouTube and has more than 46,000 views.

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