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Stephen Colbert Explains Mike Flynn's Resignation

Watch Colbert Explain the "Dummy" Mistake That Led to Mike Flynn's Resignation

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to sum up Mike Flynn's controversial resignation in the simplest way possible. During an eight-minute segment, the late-night host broke down the true reason Flynn was forced to resign from his position as Donald Trump's national security adviser. "Here's what happened," Colbert began. "After Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for messing with our election, Flynn called the Russian ambassador, discussed the sanctions, and allegedly signaled the Kremlin to expect a reprieve once Trump took office."

So how exactly did Flynn get caught? "Turns out, we listen in on every phone call with the Russian ambassador," Colbert said about Flynn's call, which was recorded by intelligence officials. "Who knew? Evidently not the national security adviser, you dummy!" Watch the informative yet hilarious clip above.

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