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Texas Woman Extreme Couponing For Hurricane Harvey Victims

The Incredible Way 1 Woman Is Using Coupons to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

BOOM!!!!! ALLLLLLLL the kids getting toys! #NailedIt #HurricaneHarvey #HarveyRelief

Posted by Kimberly Gager on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The floodwaters have receded, but Hurricane Harvey victims are still in need of plenty of help. That's why Kimberly Gager of San Antonio is putting her love and her extreme-couponing skills to great use and buying as many supplies as she can for hurricane victims in need.

If you take a look at Gager's Facebook page, you'll see the massive amount of basic necessities (like toothbrushes, diapers, baby formula, body wash, and more) that she's buying to help people out. Though she can't make all of the deliveries, people are coming to her home to pick stuff up. In an interview with ABC News, Gager revealed 30 different groups of people have come so far, including Bridget Martinez of Ingleside, TX. "I looked her up on Facebook, sent her a message this morning, and she responded right away," Martinez said to ABC News. "Two hours later, here she is. I am very grateful. These are necessities that we don't have the cash for right now. . . . I hope God blesses her in every way possible."

To Gager, helping Hurricane Harvey victims is a no-brainer. Gager lost her home in Newport News, VA, due to Hurricane Floyd in 1999. "It was horrific," Gager said to ABC News. "I lost everything in the flood. I was looking at all the stories and pictures of houses and everything under water in Harvey and knew I had to do something." And as you can see from the photos ahead, Gager is doing everything she can to help.

Target and Walgreens have been EXCEPTIONAL and very patient with me! I KNOW its some Hurricane Evacuees in San Antonio....

Posted by Kimberly Gager on Saturday, September 16, 2017

I haven't been worrying about the receipts for small purchases but since this is a big purchase, I wanted to show people...

Posted by Kimberly Gager on Friday, September 15, 2017

When Hurricane Harvey evacuees need toilet paper and paper towels but a migraine is KICKING your behind, what do you...

Posted by Kimberly Gager on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gager has no plans to stop anytime soon. "I don't plan to cut it off until I know people are OK. Something as small as a bottle of body wash, stick of deodorant or a tube of toothpaste, I know how that felt during Hurricane Floyd and people are so grateful for that," Gager said to ABC News. If you'd like to donate money to help Gager continue her efforts, you can send money to her PayPal account.

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