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Tweet Explains Why With Trump's Accusers Will Be Doubted

1 Woman's Tweet Captures What's Wrong With How We Treat Trump's Accusers

Despite admitting on a hot mic that he kisses and touches women without their consent, Donald Trump has said it was just "locker room talk." And, he and his supporters ardently deny the growing list of women who have accused him of unwanted advances, blatantly inappropriate touching, and non-consensual kissing.

Jessica Valenti, the author of The Sex Object, sent a series of tweets explaining the gravity of the situation. One, in particular, captures what's so troubling. "It's a sad day for America when a man can brag ON VIDEO about sexually assaulting women and still his victims won't be believed," she writes. Indeed, it's concerning when we have audio of Trump saying he commits sexual assault, then victims come forward because they think it's safe to do, and yet many people don't take their accusations seriously.

Trump and his supporters will continue to discredit and reject the allegations, even though evidence — spoken by the perpetrator himself — demonstrates otherwise, so it's important to listen to Valenti's words.

Image Source: Getty / Joe Raedle
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