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Which Celebrity Woman Would You Want as President?

Which Badass Female Celebrity Would You Want to Be President?

This election has proven to be completely undpredictable, leading us daydream about one of our favorite badass celebrity women running for president. We can actually see some of these ladies taking over the Oval Office one day because most of them are activists on top of their successful careers.

Beyoncé might be busy running the world, but we're guessing she would win any election. Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie are UN representatives, after all. Eva Longoria has already spoken at the Democratic National Convention, and Ellen DeGeneres has considered the job. Who's to say they won't run? Let us know who would be your choice by voting below!

For more political fun and levity, be sure to catch Political Idiotest on GSN. This special event airs Wednesday, April 20, 11 p.m./10 p.m. Central — find your local channel here.

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Which Badass Female Celebrity Would You Want to Be President?
Kerry Washington
Angelina Jolie
Ellen Page
Laverne Cox
Emma Watson
Amy Schumer
Jennifer Lawrence
Amy Poehler
Ellen DeGeneres
Chrissy Teigen
Demi Lovato
Tina Fey
Eva Longoria
Image Source: Getty
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