Calling All Animal-Lovers: These 15 Animal Documentaries on Netflix Are Must-Sees

Earth has over 8 million species of animals, so it's safe to say we can always learn new and interesting information about them. And Netflix is full of animal documentaries and docuseries that can help us do just that! You'll be glued to your screen by the fascinating explanations of different animal's survival skills, mating practices, powerful instincts, and adaptive measures.

There's an option for everyone — even kids, who're bound to be captivated by sleek snakes or adorable quokkas. Read ahead for 16 great animal movies and shows you can watch on Netflix tonight.

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Tiny Creatures

Learn how a variety of small animals and insects (like flying squirrels, snakes, ducks, birds, butterflies, lizards, and more) survive in eight different ecosystems in Tiny Creatures. Each episode focuses on a different state, so you'll get a close up look at how wildlife changes across the country.

Watch Tiny Creatures on Netflix.

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Dogs is a heartwarming docuseries about the special and heartfelt relationships between dogs and their owners. Get to know six different people and their dogs in the first season — and good news: a second season is coming!

Watch Dogs on Netflix.

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Growing Up Wild

Humans aren't the only creatures that depend on their families for survival ー animals do too! In Disney's Growing Up Wild, you can watch five baby animals grow up in different parts of the world.

Watch Growing Up Wild on Netflix.

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72 Cutest Animals

Many animals are undoubtedly straight-up adorable, but did you know their cuteness also helps them survive? Learn exactly how that happens (and more) in 72 Cutest Animals.

Watch 72 Cutest Animals on Netflix.

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Our Planet

Our Planet shows how climate change affects all living creatures. This inspiring docuseries, narrated by David Attenborough, covers a different environment in each episode — from frozen tundras to rainy jungles, and more.

Watch Our Planet on Netflix.

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Dancing with the Birds

Do you love learning about birds and their courtship? If so, Dancing with the Birdsis the documentary for you! Watch as various birds put on their "best moves" as they try to find mates.

Watch Dancing with the Birds on Netflix.

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Absurd Planet

For a funny animal docuseries, check out Absurd Planet. Narrated by Mother Nature, this show features unique animals and tons of fun facts you've probably never heard — all with a bit of humor.

Watch Absurd Planet on Netflix.

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Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit

Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit is a different kind of animal documentary: It follows people who enter their cats in Canadian cat competitions! The second you see one of the cats wearing a coffee filter in the trailer, you won't be able to stop yourself from watching.

Watch Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit on Netflix.

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If I Were an Animal

If you're looking for a kid-friendly animal docuseries, If I Were an Animal is a great option. This show teaches kids about all kinds of different animals throughout their lives, all told through the eyes of brother and sister Emma and Tim.

Watch If I Were an Animal on Netflix.

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My Octopus Teacher

A 2021 Oscar nominee, My Octopus Teacher is an intriguing documentary about a man who befriends an octopus. As he follows the ocean animal around, he notices similarities between humans and octopuses and learns more about undersea life.

Watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix.


For a more modern animal documentary that ties in social media influence and technology, check out #Cats_the_Mewvie. This film explains how cats became hilarious memes and an integral part of the celebrity influencer circle.

Watch #Cats_the_Mewvie on Netflix.

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Virunga is a documentary about the fight to save endangered gorillas and the national park that serves as their sanctuary in the Congo in Africa. There's also a short feature with the team behind the documentary that documents what inspired them to tell this story.

Watch Virunga on Netflix.

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Ghost of the Mountains

Interested in mysterious snow leopards? Disney's Ghost of the Mountains follows a family of them closely.

Watch Ghost of the Mountains on Netflix.

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Untamed Romania

Untamed Romania is an inspiring documentary that shows how animals survive the different seasons in the Romanian wild. It's narrated by English actor Mark Strong.

Watch Untamed Romania on Netflix.

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72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America

72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America is a thrilling docuseries about the powerful cats, vipers, spiders, snakes, and more that live in Latin America. It's probably too frightening for most children, but it's an engaging watch otherwise.

Watch 72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America on Netflix.