This Comedian's Videos Show How Cats Would Act If They Were Human, and Oh My Lanta

Comedian Abi Clarke has clearly spent some quality time with cats! In a hilarious video series titled "If Cats Were Human" that she shared on TikTok, Abi illustrates exactly how our four-legged friends would come off if they were real people, and it's spot-on.

So far, she's created four videos that tackle some of the funny topics that kitty owners discuss the most, like drinking out of our water glasses, freaking the heck out when we sneeze, and somehow managing to take up the entire bed despite their small frame. Scroll ahead to get a look at some of Abi's hilarious TikToks that will make pretty much any cat owner mutter, "yup, that checks out" under their breath.

"If Cats Were Human" TikTok Videos